Rick Schance, Artist

Rick Schanche, Artist

Rick's son"I love to paint, painting is a release for me. I often let the paint do what it wants when I'm working. I usually create images with movement, sometimes subtle, and let the brushstrokes and color create and enhance that movement. To me the color and fresh rhythm of the brush and paint keep the image alive. If I soften the color and overwork it to become too realistic, I've killed the emotion and it becomes flat and dead. I start my work with a detailed realistic drawing (which I struggle with, drawing to me is the hardest part). I want the initial image precise for a firm starting point, so the sketch becomes an exercise in detail and concentration. Then I let go and let the paint flow. This is the fun part, the time of joy and meditation. Finishing the painting can also be difficult for me. I have to tighten up the brush strokes and put everything back in order. Painting is like life, The beginning and end is the hard part. The stuff in between is fun and exciting."

Rick was born in Minneapolis and studied art at the University of Oregon, with a scholarship. He graduated in 1978 and after living in Oregon for another year traveled across the U.S. and back to Minneapolis. Here he worked as an art consultant and continued to paint and study at the University of Minnesota. In 1985 he moved to Alaska.

His work has been shown in Anchorage at Stonington, Decker Morris and Kolstad Galleries and at the Anchorage Museum 1996 Juried Art Show. His work can also be seen in galleries in Homer, Juneau, Skagway, as well as Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Minnesota and as far away as Norway.

After two trips to the McNeil River, Rick particularly enjoys painting bears, although he has painted other series which include Native Americans, his children, the Homeless, and Shamans.

Rick currently lives and paints in Anchorage.

Training Past Exhibits Awards In Print


Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon. 1978

Past Exhibits

New Artist/New Gallery - First Friday Show, December 1999

Arctic Rose Gallery, Anchorage, Alaska

New Release Show, November 1999, Kolstad Art Gallery, Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska All Juried Art Show, Brunnell Gallery, Homer, Alaska - June 1999

Decker/Morris Invitational Show, Anchorage, Alaska - May 1999

1999 Annual Artist's Invitational Show, Bardarson Gallery,

Seward, Alaska - May 1999

Traveling Show, Taku Graphics, Summer 1999

African Show, Starbird Gallery, Seward, Alaska - March 1999

Solo Show, Various Works, Qupqugiac Caf , Anchorage, Alaska - February 1999

Solo Show, Greeting From Hallo Bay, Qupqugiac Caf - October 1998

1998 Shorebird Festival Solo Show, Sea Lion Gallery, Homer, Alaska - May 1998

Kenai Fjords Show, Kenai Fjords Visitor Center, Seward, Alaska - Summer 1998

Kenai Fjords Show, Bardarson Gallery, Seward, Alaska - May 1998

Show with Bob Durr, Kolstad Gallery, Anchorage, Alaska - February 1998

Spiritual Images, International Gallery of Art, Anchorage, Alaska - December 1997

Alaska All Juried Art Show, Anchorage Museum of History & Art - 1996

Shorebird Exhibit, Kenai Fjords Visitor Center, Seward, Alaska - Summer 1996

Kenai Shorebird Festival, Bardarson Gallery, Seward, Alaska - 1996

Exit Glacier Exhibit, Kenai Fjords Visitor Center, Seward, Alaska - Summer 1995

Exit Glacier Show, Bardarson Gallery, Seward, Alaska - 1995

The Shelter Show, Stonington Gallery, Anchorage, Alaska - June 1993

Recent Works, Three Artists, Stonington Gallery, Anchorage, Alaska - January 1993

Flanders Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota - 1983 &1984

Sky Gallery Art Exhibit, Normandale College, Minneapolis, Minnesota - 1982

University of Oregon Gallery, Eugene, Oregon, 1978

Peoples Gallery, Eugene, Oregon, 1977

Open Gallery, Eugene, Oregon, 1974-78


Alaska All Juried Art Show - Honorable Mention

Anchorage Museum of History & Art, 1996

Johnston - Halley Scholarship of Fine Art

University of Oregon, 1976

Featured in

InformArt, Fall 1998

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